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Applied Intelligent Systems that enhance access to the network structure of the Digital Economy

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"The technology landscape has evolved to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global climate goals as established in the Paris Agreement. Successful initiatives have used technology for humanitarian applications in identity verification and aid distribution, renewable energy, financial inclusion, and supply chain transparency."

Digital technologies for an inclusive, low-carbon future that puts people first

Katherine Foster and  Darius Nassiry

International Institute for Environment and Development (2021)

Information Systems form the axis of a "habitat" where Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), organisational models, and humans coexist and interact... to knit what we understand as The Digital Economy and The Digital Society


Universal and Democratic Access to the Digital Economy and the Digital Society


Building the Digital Economy enablers: technology, institutional management systems, and human expertise driven policy making.


ICTs for Good Governance: Ethics, risk management, compliance and intelligent administration


Applied Complex System Analytics to enhance Governance problem-solving capabilities in policy regulatory and institutional design


Data Science Management and Mathematical Modelling for effective Service Delivery


Application of Best International Practices and knowledge sharing between local and global digital communities 


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ICTs as
Enablers of The Digital Economy

A Digital Economy drives game-changing opportunities, it thrives in open access platforms, competitiveness, creativity, ingenious uses of existing technology (exaptation), new business models, encourages good governance and compliance.

The Digital Economy optimises processes, production, reduces transaction costs, transforms supply chains and citizen service delivery. It applies to commerce, transport and logistics, financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, health, education, media and all forms of human interaction and self-development. 

The adoption of intelligent Digital Economy encourages investment in people, empowers communities once isolated, empowers SMMEs with cutting-edge services at competitive prices and expand their market outreach.

The Digital Economy democratises availability of opportunity. 


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The Digital Economy

The Digital Economy is a metaphor for an ecosystem of interconnectedness: openness and transparency; cognitive networks: cross-learning, knowledge-sharing, boundary awareness.  


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